Tofodo Software

The Thinking Cat

"Hello, I am the Thinking Cat !

Come discover my unique application that allows me to share my thoughts with you. I will answer your questions with wisdom.

All you have to do is shake your device and my thoughts will appear immediately.

Don't hesitate to download this original application that will help you take decisions or solve problems in a fun and entertaining way.

The Thinking cat is an application that contains :
- More than 150 unique sentences, ranging from philosophical thoughts to proverbs.
- Fun thoughts of the Thinking Cat.
- Special sentences when you start the application or when you shake the cat too often.
- 14 high resolution and high quality pictures of the Thinking Cat
- Smooth and high quality animations.

We also welcome any additional sentences, don't hesitate to send us feedback using the Feedback button in the information screen.

iPhone screenshots