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AppShaker is a brand new way to discover new applications for your device. When it starts up, it will show a random application for your device. If you like it, you can click the price to go to the AppStore to download/purchase it. If you are not interested in it, simply shake your device to get another application !

Features :
- Sound effect when shaking the device
- Options to activate/deactive sound effect
- Criterias to filter random applications by price and category
- Presents application icon, screenshot and description
- Direct access to all application screenshots directly in AppShaker.
- Animated bar to access credits screen and also displays help and system messages
- Click on the price to go directly to the AppStore
- Click on the publishers name to go to their website
- Click on the screenshot to zoom it to fullscreen
- Scroll the text by simply swiping your finger on top of it
- Highly optimized, low bandwidth app data loading : while you are looking at the application, it automatically preloads the next one, so it is available immediately.
- On screen button to change application, or shake your device to get another random application.

Tips & tricks :
- The app will remember the last app viewed when returning from the AppStore, so don't hesitate to go there.
- It uses a DIRECT link to the AppStore, there is no going first to Safari to redirect back to the AppStore.
- Make sure your phone is setup to your preferred language & country, it will load up localized (provided it is available) content from the following AppStore : US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Canada & France

Coming up in future versions :
- Shake history
- "Save for later"

Finally, this application will not display any ads, nor send information to any third party. It might cost a little, but your privacy is safe by us.

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