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ImageShuffle now available in the App Store !

Discover our new iPad and iPhone application : ImageShuffle. It is a classic re-creation of the traditional “coffee table" puzzle game where you must resolve the shuffled image blocks to display the full image.

The Thinking Cat now available in the App Store

Discover The Thinking Cat, which will help you in your daily decisons and also make you smile !

AppShaker 1.2.2 now available

AppShaker 1.2.2 is now available in the AppStore. Click here to get it.

What’s new in this version :
- Increased timeout value to 30 seconds instead of 10, should improve user experience on slow connections
- Fixed a bug when loading screenshots
- Much improved loading times in most scenarios
- New artwork : new icon & loading screen

AppShaker Lite has also been submitted to the AppStore !

AppShaker 1.2 available in the AppStore

AppShaker 1.2 is now available in the AppStore. It brings the following new features :
- A sound effect is played when you shake the device. You may activate/deactivate the sound effect in the settings screen
- You may now filter the apps presented by price
- You may also filter the apps by categories
- The settings interface (available by clicking on the animated bar at the bottom of the screen) has been completely redesigned, and will also allow for future extensions
Please don’t hesitate to send us feedback.

Preview video of AppShaker 1.1

Check out the video of the upcoming AppShaker 1.1 release, submitted and available soon in the AppStore :