Tofodo Software
Aug 2008

Developer's blog is now online

You can now check out my developer’s blog. I welcome all feedback.

MacLife review

MacLife has posted a nice review of TiltSnake. Thanks guys.

TiltSnake 1.1 update submitted

TiltSnake update 1.1 was just submitted to the iTunes App Store. I hope they will put in online quickly, as it is a great update.

This update brings the following new features :
- New default control mode ! Use vertical and horizontal swipes to control the snake. You can even keep your finger on the screen when doing the swipes
- Improved graphics

The following bugs have been fixed :
- Accelerometer should be more precise now
- Lots of stability improvements

Screenshots of the new look are available here.

TiltSnake in the top ten free apps !

At the time of this writing, TiltSnake is currently #8 in the Top free apps on the US iTunes Store. Even in my wildest dreams I didn’t see this coming. Thanks to all who supported me !

I am also working as much as I can (this is not my day job) on an update. Things I’m looking at are :
- improvements on accelerometer handling, to address the issues
- graphical improvements on the snake
- integrating touch swipes as an alternative control mechanism !

Again this is the work I’m setting out the the update. So please be patient :)

TiltSnake featured on PocketGamer !

PocketGamer has been very fast at featuring TiltSnake on their website. Check out the article here.

TiltSnake now available

The TiltSnake game is now available on the iTunes webstore. Thanks to all who have downloaded it and given reviews !

New website

Welcome to Chocolate Technologies’ website. This is basically the name under which I release software I’ve written mostly for the pure software of doing such a thing, so I hope you will enjoy them as well as your stay here. Stay tuned for more content, as I am doing this aside from my day job :)

You might wonder about the name “Chocolate Technologies”. Well let’s just say that I’m swiss and I like food.